Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A Daily Dose of Katsy is moving!
 I registered my own domain at

This will be my last post here but I will keep the site up with a link on the new blog site. I decided to move because I can update faster and easier with the iPad app and yes, I do carry my iPad practically everywhere.

So what else can I say then?
See you later, maybe?

*huge grin*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dash: Cheoncheonhi malssuemhae juseyo (Korea 2012)

In case you’re wondering what the title of this post means, it’s this: Please speak more slowly 천천히 말씀해 주세요 (I have the tendency to speak really fast especially when I’m thinking of way too many things simultaneously. Well I speak really fast or not at all 😄).

And yes, this is the start (hopefully, if I actually find the time) of a series of posts all about our Korea 2012 trip.

So Anna and I have always wanted to go to Korea for these top 3 reasons:

1. The 2012 Yeosu Expo – Ever since we saw the ad for it at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. We told ourselves that we have to visit Korea come 2012 because we loved our whole Shanghai Expo experience.

 2. Boys over Flowers – the Korean version of Meteor Garden that Anna and I both loved. We’ve been to Macau before where they filmed some scenes. We knew we just had to go to Korea to experience more of the BOF phenomenon (even if it has been years after its first showing).

3. Vacation – We are both severely overworked and stressed on so many levels that yes, we really needed to take a few days off. But even in Korea, and even in planning any travel really of ours, work still comes as priority – we brought cameras and took picture after picture of detail after detail: architecture, interiors, landscape, environmental graphics, anything design really, you name it. From the moment we left, to the moment we went back, design (and culture and
food) has always been our top priority. Yes, this is the way to go for a relaxing break. More work in the guise of a vacation. But we have always been like that and most probably will always will be because that’s just the way it is. We love and appreciate our work so much that even on vacation we have to keep on searching for ways to improve our craft. Haha so there. Back to the post.

Now we never really definitely plan for any of our travels, it has always been a push and pull kind of thing. We have this general list of where we want to go and every now and then we talk about going on a trip but like I said, push and pull. So when we finally decided to go to Korea, Ron and Ariel also joined in the booking even though Ariel wasn’t able to push through with the trip due to work. Ariel, Anna and I have been to Macau and HK before so that travel party was tried and tested. They get along well which gives me enough space to sulk in my moment. Haha. I have also traveled with Ron and Ariel before and the two of them also get along (they should be they were thesis mates after all) quite well which gives me enough space again to sulk alone. Double haha. Yes, I actually travel and indulge in being with myself. There was actually a time in the trip that Anna asked me to smile because I was being all quiet. But that’s getting ahead of the story.

The Korea Travel Team

So the travel party of Katsy, Anna, and Ron have never been tested before but they were officemates and really, they are so much alike. (Anna will kill me upon reading this. Ron will probably as well. LOL.) But seriously, they should end up together. (Now, I’m definitely dead as of this writing. Cla save me! Hahaha. They have matching cameras for crying out loud! I actually tuned them out once they started talking about photography at the airport before departure. Hahaha. Yes, the iPad was my official companion.) *edited after publishing – I realized they wore matching outfits for their travel attire! Hahahaha the laughter!*

I’ve discovered though that in adventures such as this, every person takes on a role for the trip.

Anna, as always, is the ever dependable one. She’s like that in all our travels. (Ariel has always been the comedic relief.) Ron is another dependable one (See? So much alike hahaha). Whilst I, well, I don’t really know what my role is in all these. I get everyone together? I don’t know honestly. Maybe I’ll ask them what I do in these trips aside from decide most times on where we eat and provide the conflict. Hahaha. Seriously though, when traveling, I like to just go with the flow. And being surrounded by so much seriousness can stress me out. Come on, we can sing “Call Me Maybe” while in the train!

The Korea Itinerary
Simply put – we didn’t have one! Except of course for the Yeosu Expo. The rest just fell into place along the way. We were booked and bound for Korea from August 1-8, 2012. Ang tagal! Hahaha. It was supposed to be August 1-7 but Anna accidentally booked us until 8. It all worked well actually as we were able to cram as much sights as we wanted to see without the stress of feeling too rushed because we were running out of time. Here is how our itinerary went through the days (somehow we managed to live day by day with the perpetual question of ‘Where do we want to go tomorrow?):

Day 1 (August 1)
Arrival at Incheon Airport early AM, transfer to Seoul, KTX all the way to Yeosu, brunch finally, rest a bit, check out Expo site.
Day 2 (August 2)
Expo site for the entire day, after hours outside the Expo
Day 3 (August 3)
Rest finally for the morning, lunch (this was one of my favorites), bus all the way to Boseung for the National Tea Museum (we love tea that much!), and our first McDo meal back at Yeosu
Day 4 (August 4)
Back to Seoul we went, tiring, lugging the luggage all around and up those stairs, checking out Myeongdong shopping (plenty!!!! Oh noes!!!)
Day 5 (August 5)
Myeongdong Cathedral, Seoul Tower, Teddy Bear Museum, Namsangol Traditional Garden, Namsangol Hanok Village, this shopping district that I forgot the name of, as well as this river where they featured performances (I should remember their names!!)
Day 6 (August 6)
National Palace Museum of Korea, Shinsegae Shopping, Paris Baguette (we wanted to try this out since we got there), Myeongdong shopping time!
Day 7 (August 7)
Heyri Artists’ Village (an entire day on its own), packing for home time
Day 8 (August 8)
National Museum of Korea, Samsung Museum of Art, last minute Myeongdong shopping, airport-bound, and home-bound finally

Yup, there it was, a crazy 8-day Korean adventure. Work disguised as a vacation disguised as work. At every moment though, especially during those times where we pause to stare at a design detail we really like, Anna and I look at each other and smile in disbelief and gratitude. I know she’s thinking exactly what I’m thinking during those moments because sometimes we say it out loud – we are extremely lucky and incredibly blessed to have even been there, to have ever lived, to have been in that moment, in this life.

Yes, there are plenty of those moments in life but sometimes when times get tough and dreams get broken, we tend to forget the little things that we are actually grateful for. Sometimes it takes for us to step back, step outside, to be in step with God once again.

God loves me and He is holding my hand through this crazy adventure called life. So bear with me, I just may have to find the time to write about those 8 days of Korean adventure. More posts on Korea 2012, hopefully, definitely.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And Off to Laguna We Go!

God is seriously paying attention to every little thing I say these days. It is so amazing how He shows me exactly how much He loves me and with such humor at that. Just last week, I was reviewing my already overflowing plate and I realized that I severely lacked community work. I've been looking into some but have never been able to finalize anything. So I casually mentioned, dear God, I think I need community work.

The weekend passed and I woke up last Monday to a text from our chapter president. Needless to say, I found myself the next day, awake at 4am and on the road by 5:30.

Soon. Hopefully I'll get to write more about this. Let me just finish the design first.
4 days left and counting. :)
Tick tock.